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The Plum
By Allyson Ifergan,
Staff Corner Pick

You kiss a plum before its ripe
You were hungry, perhaps impatient too
You lick the plum and awkwardly sink your teeth into it until
You lightly break the skin that keeps the plum intact
And the bitterness bleeds its way into your mouth
And you hate its taste as you carve its skin with your teeth
you do it again, and you get the same result
you hate the taste so much, but you keep doing it again until all the skin is gone
you left it vulnerable, and at this point it’s unrecognizable
doesn’t even really look like a plum anymore
Most people at first glance wouldn’t think it’s a plum
Maybe because not many people take time out of their day to enjoy plums
And it wouldn’t be their first guess if they saw a plum out of its casing
When there’s no more skin to carve off the plum
And all that’s left is bitter.
You slowly start to realize it isn’t going to get any sweeter
In your frustration, you crush it in your hands until you feel the pit
First of all, you’re a fucking idiot
You’ve soiled your sleeve with plum juice, and you wasted a plum.
You can’t even turn on the sink or open a door without getting anything sticky
You could’ve at least left a door open but now your doorknob is sticky
And it’s one of the round ones so you can’t even use your elbow
Even if you didn’t expect to crush the plum you ruined and wasted,
you could’ve planned and at least open the door in advance.
Or even better, you could’ve crushed it over a basin.
You didn’t really think it through, and it shows
Especially when you make a mess while attempting to wash your hands
On top of that, you didn’t fully rinse the soap off your hands
before you cupped your hands beneath the stream to rinse your mouth
You really don’t think before you do and maybe it shows in a failed effort
to save yourself from the bitterness once you were greeted with a mouthful of soapy water.
You’re impatient, perhaps still hungry.

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